Karlskoga, Sweden

Björkborns Industriområde
SE-691 85 Karlskoga, Sweden

Tel: +46 586 78 30 00
Fax: +46 586 78 30 09

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Working with our Karlskoga team gives you access to classic and advanced chemistry capabilities, continuous processes, and high energy chemistry expertise, whenever you need it. This site features a wide range of flexible manufacturing facilities, including kilo-scale, pilot-scale, and large-scale commercial production plants. The site develops and manufactures small molecule APIs, new chemical entities (NCEs), and intermediates from grams to tons, from clinical phase II through to commercial.

Facility Details

  • 5 cGMP pilot plants
  • 6 commercial scale production units
  • 15 production trains
  • Custom development and analytical laboratories
  • cGMP kilo laboratory
  • Strong regulatory history


  • Sustainability Report: At Cambrex, sustainability and taking care of the environment is hugely important across all of our sites.
  • Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures: This policy is intended to guide those who have reason to report cases of misconduct, that it would be in the public interest to reveal, so that they can feel confident about reporting without hindrance or risk of reprisal. Whistleblowers should have a work-related relationship to Cambrex Karlskoga. This refers to current and former employees, prospective employees (applicants), as well as consultants and suppliers.