Our biocatalysis development services allow us to provide our customers with highly pure regio-, chemo- and enantioselective compounds, when compared to traditional chemical synthesis.

The benefits of our biocatalysis development services include:

  • Shorter synthetic and alternate routes
  • Reagents and solvents are biodegradable
  • Typical side reactions are avoided, meaning fewer by-products and impurities
  • High conversion, yield and enantiomeric excess
  • Low enzyme and negligible cofactor costs

Our team of experts can custom develop processes, design and optimize routes and provide R&D screening services using our proprietary library of more than 600 enzymes.

Biocatalysis services

Our biocatalysis services are thorough and offer a huge range of desirable benefits. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Enzyme screening
  • Enzyme development
  • Cloning and gene discovery
  • Characterization and description of genes for different enzymes and functions
  • Using different expression systems
  • Process development and enzyme manufacturing
  • Ability to work with different organisms and enzymes
  • Process know-how for industrial enzyme production
  • Process optimization and technology transfer available
  • Synthetic route development and consulting
  • Analytical method development

Learn more about our biocatalysis services

Want to know more about biocatalysis services at Cambrex? You can download our information sheet below, or simply get in touch with a member of our team via our contact page. Our experts are always delighted to help.

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