Drug product formulation development

When it comes to formulation development, there’s a lot of flexibility in what we can do. We handle DEA controlled drugs, Schedule I-V, as well as non-controlled drugs. We manufacture both sterile and non-sterile ointments, gels and creams, in addition to suppositories, liquids and a wide range of solid oral dosage forms.

Working together with the client, our formulation scientists will design and execute all excipient interaction, pre-formulation, and formulation studies in a timely manner. They work to accelerate the process of bringing your project to registration by efficiently and successfully identifying a lead formulation.

Complex modified release dosage forms are our expertise. Our formulation scientists and analytical chemists execute excipient compatibility studies, pre-formulation, formulation and Quality by Design (QbD) activities to ensure your product meets your clinical objectives and milestones.

We can provide small scale proof-of-concept prototype batches, manufacture clinical trial materials; perform scale up manufacturing and registration batch manufacturing as well as perform technical transfer and validation services in preparation for commercial manufacturing.

Project management

Experienced Project Managers serve as your primary point of contact across our formulation development services. Our Project Management team oversee the activities and the progress of your project.

How can Cambrex help you advance?

Contact us today to discover how Cambrex can help you with drug product formulation development needs. Our team are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through our services step-by-step.

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