Understanding the Importance of Solid Form Screening in Drug Development

Solid state properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are a critical attribute of any drug product and significantly impact the drug’s efficacy, safety, and stability. The selection, development and scaling-up of a solid-state form with desirable properties is therefore critical for the success of drug development programs.

This webinar aims to highlight the significance of solid form in drug substance development. The webinar will feature a case study that demonstrates the importance of solid form screening and optimization to identify the most stable form of a drug substance. Following this, the crystallization process development will be discussed, focusing on improving particle properties and purity. The webinar will also discuss considerations around scale-up, drying methodology, and other unit-operations such as wet-milling and their impact on particle properties.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand importance of solid form in API development
  • Learn how to analyze and interpret appropriate data
  • Highlight how multi-site collaboration and knowledge transfer results in a superior product

Who Should Attend:

  • Those involved in pharmaceutical R&D
  • Those involved in solid-state chemistry R&D
  • Chemical Engineers