Our biocatalysis development services allow us to provide our customers with highly pure regio-, chemo- and enantioselective compounds, when compared to traditional chemical synthesis.

In short, the benefits of our biocatalysis development services include:

  • Shorter synthetic and alternate routes
  • Reagents and solvents are biodegradable
  • Typical side reactions are avoided, meaning few by-products and impurities
  • High conversion, yield and enantiomeric excess
  • Low enzyme and negligible cofactor costs

Our team of experts can custom develop processes, design and optimize routes and provide R&D screening services using our proprietary library of more than 600 enzymes.

Our biocatalysis services include:

  • Enzyme screening
  • Enzyme development
  • Cloning and gene discovery
  • Characterization and description of genes for different enzymes and functions
  • Using different expression systems
  • Process development and enzyme manufacturing
  • Ability to work with different organisms and enzymes
  • Process know-how for industrial enzyme production
  • Process optimization and technology transfer available
  • Synthetic route development and consulting
  • Analytical method development

For more information on our biocatalysis services:

Download our information sheet.