At Cambrex, we strive to be the best at what we do – we continually push ourselves to achieve superior results. We’re proud to have a team of experts our customers enjoy working with, thanks to our strong customer focus and commitment to world class quality.

We’ve been recognized with a number of awards over the years, including:

CMO Leadership Awards 2019

This is Cambrex’s fifth consecutive successful year, after CMO Leadership honors in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

CPhI Pharma Awards 2018

Cambrex was presented with a high commendation at the CPhI Pharma Awards 2018 for our ‘Continuous Flow Centre of Excellence’ within the Contract Services and Outsourcing category. The entry highlighted the strategic initiative made by Cambrex to develop a continuous flow Center of Excellence in High Point, NC, that aims to strategically fill the shortfall of continuous process development capabilities within the industry. The process development work carried out at High Point can now be seamlessly transferred to any site within the Cambrex network for commercial manufacture.

CMO Leadership Awards 2018

Cambrex was recognized in the following categories: capabilities, compatibility, service, expertise, quality and reliability; and noted for individual attribute awards for accessible senior management, innovation, on-time reputation, right first time, state-of-the-art, and strength of science.

CPhI Pharma Awards 2017

Cambrex won the API Development category at the 2017 CPhI Pharma Awards. This marked the second year that Cambrex had been successful in this category and we’re proud to be the only CMO to win this award over two consecutive years.

Fortune 2017 Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies

Cambrex was named in the Fortune 2017 Fastest Growing Companies list. We were the 49th fastest growing company – and the only API manufacturer to appear in the 2017 listing – among Fortune’s prestigious list ranking top companies by business and market performance.

CMO Leadership Awards 2017

Cambrex was acknowledged as ‘exceeding customer expectations’ across 14 categories at the annual CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) Leadership Awards. Winning 24 awards from industry peers across all categories (including capabilities, compatibility, development, expertise, quality and reliability) is a testament to the hard work, dedication, expertise and attention to detail that our employees put into every project.

SOCMA ChemStewards® 2017

As a result of exceeding key performance requirements for SOCMA’s ChemStewards® program, Cambrex earned their highest ranking – the Excellence Tier. Cambrex’s Charles City, IA facility has been recognized for going above and beyond the federal environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) compliance.

CPhI Pharma Awards 2016

Cambrex won the ‘API Development’ category at the prestigious 2016 CPhI Pharma Awards. Cambrex’s winning entry was a great recognition of our team’s ability to turn an innovative idea – the synthesis of an advanced intermediate – into a commercialized process; a novel route with significant economic and environmental benefits, without compromising on quality and regulatory requirements.

CMO Leadership Awards 2016

Customers rated Cambrex as either exceeding expectations or being the top performer in the areas of quality, reliability, capabilities, expertise and compatibility. Cambrex was also awarded individual attribute awards, including cultural fit, innovation, on-time delivery, reputation, right-first-time, state-of-the-art and strength of science.

CMO Leadership Awards 2015

Received thanks to our exemplary efforts in the area of regulatory compliance, recognizing our strong focus on maintaining operational excellence at all of our sites worldwide.

Life at Cambrex

Here at Cambrex, we’re known for being refreshingly different. It’s our mission and core values that set us apart, and make Cambrex such a rewarding company to work with, and for.