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Located in Tallinn, Estonia, Cambrex Tallinn provides custom organic synthesis and contract research and development for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry, focusing on customer needs for quality, timely delivery and cost.

Cambrex Tallinn operates as an additional research and development resource to the Cambrex Karlskoga facility.  Cambrex Tallinn has an exceptionally talented team of 20 chemists with experience in managing research programs, producing reference standards, initial gram quantities of products and non-GMP scale-up to kilogram quantities.

Cambrex Tallinn is located adjacent to the campus of Tallinn University of Technology in Tallinn Technology Park, allowing for strong collaborative links with the analytical and chemistry departments. These relationships enable Cambrex Tallinn to focus on the most important issues and delivering product, while the University can provide new ideas and tools for research programs.

R&D Details

  • Contract research
  • Design of synthetic strategies and routes for organic compounds
    • Develop synthetic “know-how” for technological processes
    • Develop GC and HPLC analytical protocols for organic compounds
  • Process development
    • Optimization and scale-up of manufacturing processes
  • Custom made organic molecules
    • Lab scale
    • Kilo lab scale (10 - 100 L)
    • Pilot production scale up to 200 kg
  • In-house analytical equipment and access to several analytical methods (GCMS, NMR, SEM, etc.)

Teaduspargi 3/1

12618 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 620 4398
Fax: +372 654 7520


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