Company brochure

Cambrex is an innovative life sciences company with a refreshingly human approach to the way we do business. Our pharmaceutical products, technologies and expertise accelerate your small molecule therapeutics into the market.

API development & manufacturing information sheet

Cambrex’s experienced team is here to deliver your custom development and manufacturing projects on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards. We have the expertise, flexibility and resources to provide a full range of custom development services designed to meet your project needs.

Generic API & intermediate product list

Cambrex is a leading global supplier of generic APIs. We work with generic drug companies well in advance of drug patent expiration, using high quality, non-patent infringing processes to manufacture APIs.

Controlled substances information sheet

Cambrex has held US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) licenses for process research, development, manufacturing and importation of Schedule II-V controlled substances for >15 years. We are one of a limited number of US companies authorized by the DEA to import narcotic raw materials at commercial scale and have been successfully manufacturing highly potent opioids since 2005.

Highly Potent APIs (HPAPI) information sheet

Cambrex has been reliably developing and manufacturing a broad spectrum of HPAPIs and compounds for 15 years.

High energy chemistry information sheet

Cambrex’s expertize in high energy reactions and hazardous materials dates back to the work of Alfred Nobel, who founded the company in Karlskoga, Sweden in 1896. Our dedication to quality and safety of energetic chemistry has laid a solid foundation for supplying cGMP high energy compounds to world leading pharmaceutical companies.

Biocatalysis information sheet

Cambrex has almost 15 years’ experience in developing and commercially manufacturing APIs, intermediates and bulk chemicals using biocatalysis. Our team of experts custom develop processes, design, optimize and provide R&D screening services using the Cambrex proprietary library of 600 enzymes.

Biocatalysis brochure

Cambrex has developed and commercially manufactured APIs, intermediates and bulk chemicals using biocatalysis for over 15 years. As a result, our enzymes and processes are improving cost and the efficiency of manufacturing small molecules at multi-ton scale. Not just in pharmaceuticals and generics, but in everyday life – from cosmetics and fragrances to food flavorings.