From our highly compliant cGMP drug product facility in Mirabel, we offer drug product manufacturing and packaging. The facility located just outside Montreal, Canada has an excellent compliance record. Continually updated with state-of-the-art equipment, the plant uses cutting-edge laboratory and manufacturing technologies.

The Montreal facility is perfectly suited to handle either small batch or high-volume manufacturing, for a wide range of solid dose, liquids – including suspensions and solutions, and non-sterile semi-solid forms – including lotions, creams and ointments and suppositories. The facility includes laboratories for analytical method development and validation, method transfers, release and microbiology testing on both raw materials and finished goods. A variety of packaging services are also available for bottles, tubes and cartons.

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Facility details

Our Mirabel site is fully equipped to support a range of dosage forms, including the following:

  • Liquids including solutions, suspensions, sprays and drops
  • Semi-solids including creams, ointments and gels
  • Oral dosage forms including tablets (mono and bi-layer), capsules, powders, mini-tablets and beads, powders and granules for reconstitution
  • Suppositories
  • Controlled drugs
  • High potent
  • Controlled/sustained release
  • Pediatric dosage forms