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Webinar – Balancing Cost Efficiencies in the Drug Development Process

10th - 10th June 2021



Cambrex will be...

Sarah Bethune, Senior Director of Pharmaceutics and Formulation | Peppino De Agostinis, Director of Technical Services | Satish Shetty Director, Product Development

The drug product development journey is long and, many times, quite expensive. Finding time and cost saving strategies is dependent on the development of the commercialization partners engagement. The Cambrex team believes that having the end in mind facilitates the most efficient method in bringing molecules from formulation to commercialization. While phase appropriate, fit-for-purpose formulation strategies are plentiful for Phase I, when positive clinical results are obtained and proof-of-concept is achieved, the ability to pivot to a commercial-ready formulation is key.

The strategies utilized to assist clients with faster and less costly solutions are predicated on engaging experts that have worked on Development to Commercialization projects. Understanding the commercial challenges and bringing practical solutions early in the formulation process and partnering with a broad team that can appropriately scale and execute on your drug product is critical.

This webinar will address these commercial challenges and offer suggestions for introducing practical solutions early in the formulation process.