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LaunchBio San Diego: Larger Than Life Science


San Diego, CA, USA 24th - 24th October 2019


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Dr David Pearson , Chief Scientific Officer, Cambrex Edinburgh
Molecules in Motion. Improving the Odds for Pharmaceutical Development.

Molecules in Motion
Improving the Odds for Pharmaceutical Development
Most active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are solid in nature and can exist in a variety of forms. An ideal solid form of an API is physically & chemically stable, bioavailable, can be manufactured consistently and formulated as a product that meets the intended target. Join Cambrex for a demonstration of some of the properties that can be modified when a salt form of an API is made, including a discussion of the advantages and potential issues of this tried and tested technique. This session is for companies interested in accelerating their molecule toward the clinic and patients who need new treatments.

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