Crystallization process development

Cambrex crystallization development service is aimed at bridging the gap between the bench and manufacturing plant, providing controlled, robust and scalable crystallization processes. Our crystallization development work programs are designed to deliver processes that provide batch-to-batch consistency with optimized, solid form and bulk powder properties. The development is focused on aspects such as:

  • Polymorphic form control
  • Process efficiency
  • Optimized process yields
  • Enhanced chemical purity/impurity profile
  • Effective isolation and drying
  • Residual solvent control
  • Particle size distribution control
  • Particle morphology optimization

Our crystallization scientists and engineers use the latest modelling software and process analytical tools to understand how bench scale processes will perform on much larger scales in the plant. Using our expertise in statistical design and modelling, our team are able to gain an in depth understanding of the critical process parameters of the crystallization, understanding the operating space and ensuring process robustness. Our development programs are tailored to final APIs or process intermediates.

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By providing a solid bridge between the bench and the plant, Cambrex offer a fast, low risk route to larger scale API production. To find out more, get in touch with our team.

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