Technology transfer

At Cambrex, we bring expertise and agility when it comes to technology transfer, for scale-up or when transferring a project between facilities. Our customers can now enjoy working with Cambrex at every stage of the drug lifecycle.

We offer a tried and trusted approach to technology transfer. With Cambrex, the tech transfer process is quicker, simpler and seamless, with full and consistent support provided throughout. We are flexible in our approach and our experts ensure confidence in an efficient and successful transfer at all stages of a drug’s lifecycle.

The tech transfer skills and experience within our team are enabled by highly qualified experts, and supplemented with ongoing training, support and continued professional development.

Streamlined project transfer

At Cambrex, we bring expertise and agility at early phase development from pre-clinical to production to compliment our cGMP late stage development and large scale commercial production facilities.

With Cambrex, the benefits of project transfer include:

  • Streamlined project transfer between Cambrex sites
  • Flexibility, quality, reliability and safety
  • Expertise and passion from beginning to end

We have the capability to develop and manufacture small molecule APIs, complex APIs, fine chemicals and intermediates from compound selection to commercial supply. Our capabilities offer you complete continuity and greater speed without breaking the supply chain.

Cambrex specializes in multi-step synthetic processes in batch sizes from milligrams to metric tons to support clinical trials from Phase I to Phase III to post-launch production.

We’re licensed with the DEA to manufacture Schedule II to V controlled substances. We’re one of a limited number of CMOs to be authorized by the DEA to import narcotic raw materials at commercial scale.

Our large-scale commercial cGMP production plants produce over 40 APIs per year, alongside our cGMP pilot plant and cGMP kilo laboratories – with all the benefits of separate stage-dependent GMP routines and qualifications at each site.

For expert support throughout the lifecycle of your small molecule APIs, simply choose Cambrex.

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