Drug substance custom manufacturing

Enhanced by our uncompromising commitment to cGMP standards and proven compliance track record, we’re an expert partner you can trust.

With a focus on quality, innovation and flexibility, we offer pharmaceutical custom manufacturing excellence across our global network. Using our fresh, forward-thinking approach, we listen to understand your challenges before identifying the right solutions to meet your needs.

Our extensive small molecule API custom manufacturing capabilities allow us to take your project from early phase development to scale-up and commercial manufacture. We’ve done this for many customers over the years and once they start working with our team, they rarely leave as we become an integral business partner. We always add value.

cGMP API custom manufacturing

Our cGMP small molecule API custom manufacturing capabilities are continuously evolving. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Process and analytical validation
  • Lab, kilo and pilot scale manufacturing for pre-clinical studies and all phases of clinical trials – supplying milligram to kilogram quantities
  • Commercial manufacturing for product launch and in-market supply for kilogram to 100+ MT quantities
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Regulatory support and filings

How can Cambrex help you advance?

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