At Cambrex, we specialize in pediatric dosage forms. Pediatric dosage forms must be right-sized for the patient. We can help you with your drug product development and manufacturing needs for:

  • Micro-tablets/mini-tablets
  • Stick packs
  • Granules for suspension
  • Pellets, beads, powders
  • Oral solutions and liquid suspensions

Our Pediatric Center of Excellence is uniquely equipped to support the development and manufacture of dosage forms tailored for pediatric and other small patient populations.

At Cambrex, we offer:

  • World-class scientific expertise and commercial drug manufacturing experience across multiple plants
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment for a variety of dosage forms
  • Global regulatory compliance, with approvals by US FDA, MHRA, Health Canada and DEA

Our experts are flexible and responsive:

  • Easy to do business with
  • Tailored programs to a variety of batch sizes
  • Clinical batches as low as 1 kg up to 1000 kg for commercial volumes
  • Committed to your timelines and on time delivery
  • With a proven track record for developing and delivering pediatric products from clinical through commercialization

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