Solid dose

At Cambrex, we have the capacity to produce up to 1500 kg of bulk powder and granules. In addition we can also produce large batches of tablets and capsules with our high-speed compression and encapsulation equipment.

Powders, granules, stick packs, capsules & tablets

Solid dosage capabilities

We utilize V-blenders up to 75ft³ for blending and can produce tablets on a variety of compression equipment. Our high speed encapsulation equipment is capable of filling mini-tablets or micro-tablets, beads or extruded and spheronized pellets or powder.

We also have specialized equipment for solid dosage forms such as melt extrusion, spheronization and solvent pellet layering.  We have experience with tablet in capsule and multi-unit particulate systems (MUPS), in addition to ion-exchange resin formulations.

At Cambrex, we can accommodate dry granulation, wet granulation, direct compression manufacturing processes as well as some specialized manufacturing operations.

All equipment is within SUPAC guidelines for registration batch manufacturing and scalable on all unit operations.

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