High energy manufacturing

When it comes to high energy chemistry manufacturing, we have a track record you can trust.

Our expertise in high energy compounds and hazardous materials dates back to the work of Alfred Nobel, who founded the site in Karlskoga, Sweden in 1896. Today, we supply high energy compounds to world leading pharmaceutical companies, with a focus on safety and quality.

Our specialized bunkered high energy chemistry manufacturing facility is:

  • cGMP compliant
  • Suitable for the development and manufacturing of thermally unstable and explosive products
  • Safely monitored from a remote control room

Our high energy API manufacturing capabilities include:

  • High energy APIs
  • High energy intermediates
  • Nitration with nitric acid
  • Catalytic hydrogenation
  • Oxidation with nitric acid
  • Oxidation with hydrogen peroxide
  • Diazotization with sodium nitrite
  • Grignard, formation and reaction
  • Organic azide formation with sodium azide
  • Reduction with LiAIH4
  • Lithiation with BuLi/HexLi
  • Hydroxylamine, HCl as reagent

For more information on our high energy chemistry manufacturing services:

Download our information sheet.