Vishwanath Gaitonde

Describe a typical day at Cambrex – what does your role involve?

The dynamics of my role predominantly revolve around conducting, analyzing and optimizing experiments as well as writing reports and researching literature. The day-to-day tasks will change depending on the project, however my typical day will include setting up reactions, analyzing results and writing reports. I also review Batch Operating Procedures, read Standard Operating Procedures and assist colleagues.

Why did you decide to join Cambrex?

Cambrex manifests a passion for innovative science and manufacturing excellence, which offered a natural platform to establish myself as a Process Development/Manufacturing Chemist. The state-of- the-art equipment/ reactors excited me and were an upshot towards my decision to join Cambrex.

How would you describe life at Cambrex in three words?

Committed, inspired and ideal.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I appreciate the challenging chemistry, dynamic work environment and consequential impact of my contribution which influences the success of the company. I enjoy the methodical and precise approach which is critical to delivering the results/outcomes that the management team rely upon.

What is the best thing about working at Cambrex?

I believe a cordial working environment is critical for sustained success. I feel lucky being at Cambrex with some of the smartest, diligent, and most importantly, good people who share a similar passion and attitude.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

My priority goal is to do the best job in each role of mine. Five years down the line I see myself growing into a Supervisor or Manager role with increased responsibilities.

What are the most important skills you need for your role?

My role requires the skills to design, develop and optimize synthetic routes for cGMP/GMP production campaigns. You must be able to interpret data, write reports and review Batch Operating Procedures. Effective time management and the ability to make decisions independently and work with minimum supervision is also important. Networking skills and the ability to build effective links with external organizations are also key.

What are the pros of living in High Point?

High Point is one of the nicest places I have lived in the US. I like the moderate summer climate with mild winters. The High Point market is the largest furnishings industry trade fair in the world. There are plenty of delicious Southern restaurants in High Point too.

What does a typical weekend consist of for you?

Weekends are a great time to unplug and get a chance to relax, cook, go to the cinema and to putter around the house.

For the outdoor adventurist or the theatre buff, High Point has something for everyone. One can explore the World's Largest Chest of Drawers, built in 1926, to commemorate High Point as a heavy hitter in the furniture industry. Also, the outdoor recreational facilities like Oak Hollow Festival Park, that offer performances and picnic areas are great getaways.

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