Life at Cambrex

Here you can find out more about life in each of our locations and read what it’s like to work at Cambrex directly from our team.

Life at Cambrex is refreshingly different. Our team is committed, focused, forward thinking and knowledgeable. But above all, our people are passionate about what they do.

This translates into a positive working environment with a well-rounded, diverse culture that combines hard work and dedication. This way of working is always well received by our customers.

Each of our locations maintains a supportive, family-like culture, which is something we are extremely proud of. Many Cambrex employees are friends and we strive to transmit this spirit to all corners of our organization.

As responsible employers, we recognize the importance of quality of life. To ensure a fantastic work-life balance, we provide a range of services such as gyms, restaurants, dry cleaners and car washes at some of our sites.