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Continuous flow

Building on our multi-decade industrial experience, Cambrex offers continuous flow process development services to provide our customers with route scouting, process development, process optimization, or scale-up and commercialization depending upon the stage within a program’s lifecycle.

The benefits of our continuous flow process development services include:

  • Enhanced purity and product quality through improved control
  • Improved process safety, especially with toxic or energetic chemistries
  • Ability to access and utilize extreme or exotic process conditions
  • Lower operating costs
  • Ability to incorporate constant real-time analytics
  • Reduced process mass intensity
  • Development of chemistry on a commercial-ready skid

Our team of experts can assess processes for suitable application of continuous flow culminating in the custom development of processes incorporating proof-of-concept to cGMP manufacturing and commercialization.


  • Reaction kinetics screening
  • Reaction condition development & optimization
  • High pressure & high temperature capabilities
  • Extreme cryogenic capabilities
  • Multi-phase system capabilities
  • Critical parameter identification
  • Assessment of process analytical technologies (PAT) for monitoring & control
  • Capture & provide robust process data packages to support further development
  • Analytical method development & integration into continuous flow process
  • Development of process-specific control & regulatory strategy
  • Development of continuous extraction/separation/crystallization
  • Incorporation of in-line wet milling to control particle size
  • Telescoping of multiple continuous flow steps/unit operations
  • Integrating individual flow steps within traditional batch processing
  • Development of novel technologies & equipment to support client process needs
  • Process-specific equipment design to maximize throughput, quality and scalability
  • Process optimization & technology transfer
  • Proof-of-concept & engineering campaigns
  • Scale-up & manufacturing