More API experts you’ll enjoy working with now from early stage clinical development

At Cambrex, we have always been committed to continually enhancing our service offering to support our pharmaceutical and biotech customers across the globe.

In October this year we demonstrated this by completing the acquisition of PharmaCore Inc., a leading early phase chemistry specialist that focuses on developing, manufacturing and scaling up small molecule APIs for clinical phase projects.

The acquisition of the US based firm expands our portfolio of small molecule API development and manufacturing services and provides the capability and expertise to efficiently develop early clinical phase products and new technologies. This also complements our existing large scale, multi-purpose manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe.

Following the integration of PharmaCore, which has been renamed Cambrex High Point, we are now truly able to offer clients an end-to-end partnership for the research, development and production of small molecule APIs at every phase of the lifecycle.

About Cambrex High Point

Founded in 1999, Cambrex High Point occupies a 35,000 sq. ft. GMP site in North Carolina, USA. From which, a team of more than 60 experts deliver services including:
• Custom organic synthesis and process development
• cGMP manufacturing of API and intermediates from grams to hundreds of kilograms
• cGMP analytical services
• Controlled substance R&D and manufacture, Schedule II-V
• Contract research

Find out more about the facility in High Point, North Carolina, USA and if you’re interested in our recently expanded early phase capabilities, get in touch.

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