Cambrex Celebrates the Completion of Facility Expansion

East Rutherford, NJ – Cambrex Corporation (NYSE: CBM, “Cambrex”) celebrated the completion of its facility expansion in Cambrex Charles City (Iowa, USA) with a ribbon cutting ceremony for employees and invited guests on Thursday, May 9, 2013. The major facility expansion was completed in just over 10 months from initial ground breaking, employing more than 180 contractors and creating over 60 new positions at Cambrex Charles City.

The state-of-the-art, temperature controlled, 7,000 sq.ft. facility will be used to increase cGMP Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing capabilities for both existing products and a new product currently going through the later stages of FDA clinical review that is expected to be commercialized in the near term. The facility expansion adds an additional 40,000 gallons of reactor capacity, which equates to the potential for tens of metric tons of API production on an annual basis.

“We are pleased to be expanding in a competitive global pharmaceutical landscape. It’s been a labor-intensive and carefully executed project that has led to significant job creation,” said Joe Nettleton, VP of Operations of Cambrex Charles City. The site continues to fill additional positions to meet staffing requirements.

“There is strong demand for flexible large-scale cGMP assets in the U.S., and we believe these assets, combined with our world-class quality systems, provide an ongoing foundation for growth,” said Shawn Cavanagh, Chief Operation Officer of Cambrex. “We are extremely pleased to have the facility completed so quickly. This is a testament to the level of determination, talent and leadership we have at Cambrex Charles City.”

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