Our mission & values

Through innovative science and manufacturing excellence, we enable our customers to improve quality of life for their patients throughout the world, while creating value for our employees and shareholders

At Cambrex, we live and work by a set of values that help to make us refreshingly different.

  • Customer focus: We listen to our customers to create solutions for their needs
  • Innovation: We develop new and unique ideas to generate greater opportunities
  • Integrity: We believe that integrity is the foundation of our success
  • Passion to win: We strive to be the best and push ourselves to achieve superior results for our customers
  • Quality: We deliver quality in every aspect of our work
  • Safety: We aspire to achieve zero workplace accidents across our organization

The small molecule company.

Cambrex is the small molecule company that provides drug substance, drug product and analytical services across the entire drug lifecycle. Enjoy working with our experts to accelerate your small molecule therapeutics into the market.

We leverage our expertise to bring our customers’ products through the development, regulatory, and manufacturing process so that they are available for patients who need them.

Our capabilities in the areas of tech transfer, process and pharmaceutical product development, formulation development, production, scale-up and validation, and analytical method development allow us to partner with clients from development through commercialization or at any point along the way.

We serve a growing global customer base across multiple regulatory environments. These attributes allow us to be a partner of choice for many of today’s large pharma, generic pharma and biotech pharma companies.

While we excel at all of our scientific and manufacturing know-how, we strive to be the best partner. We are collaborative and responsive, working with customers to find effective and expedient solutions to their pharmaceutical development and manufacturing challenges. We are engaged and always exploring new ideas and approaches. We are agile and flexible and can accommodate changes that may arise in the needs of a customer’s project, at any point in a product’s lifecycle.

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